Solve it Sunday: High Wire

Are you scared of heights? This riddle is all about high-wire walking. No math involved, just some critical thinking or maybe some random knowledge involved.

An incredible amount of skill, dedication and fitness is required to master the art of high-wire walking. However, when you see such a masterful athlete proceeding to and fro over a dizzying drop armed with nothing more than a long, saggy bar, bear in mind that perhaps the feat is somewhat less insanely risky than it may appear.

Can you say why?

Good luck! I didn’t know the answer to this one, but maybe you can solve it.

Solve it Sunday: Two Pails

There is no math required for this one at all. All it takes is a little memory of elementary school science, which may be worse.

Let me know your answer in the comments.

Imagine that you are in possession of two pails of water. These pails are identical in every significant respect, save that one has a large chunk of wood floating freely inside it, while the other does not. Apart from that disparity, the two are filled precisely to the brim with freshly distilled water.

Which of the pails would be heavier?

Good Luck!

Solve it Sundays: Submersible

By now, your weekend is probably pretty close to done, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop relaxing.

Take a seat on the couch and try to solve this week’s riddle.

There are many pressing concerns when one is in a submarine, whether it is a time of war or not. However, one of the most important is for the captain to ensure that his boat not be permitted to rest on the bedrock of the ocean floor, even for a moment. Such an event may well prove fatal for the entire crew.

Can you say why?

Solve it Sundays: An Exercise in Logic

Hey everyone. This week’s riddle is a bit easier for you, but it’ll for sure make you think.

The English mathemitician and author Lewis Caroll devised a series of excellent logical problems designed to illustrate and test deductive reasoning. Several statements are given below. You may assume — for the duration of this problem — that they are absolutely true in all particulars. From that assumption, you should be able to provide an answer to the question that follows.

I dislike things that cannot be put to use as a bridge.

Sunset clouds are unable to bear my weight.

The only subjects I enjoy poems about are things which I would welcome as a gift.

Anything which can be used as a bridge is able to bear my weight.

I would not accept a gift of a thing I disliked.

Would I enjoy a poem about sunset clouds?

Solve It Sundays: Bodies in Motion

So before I get into the puzzle, I wanted to introduce a new segment I wanted to start. I bought a book a few years ago called Einstein’s Puzzle Universe and I really enjoyed trying to solve the riddles, and I thought some of you would too.

Now you’re probably thinking, OH, it’s Einstein, there’s no way I can solve his riddles, he was a genius. Well that may be true for some of the riddles, but most of them can be solved with a bit of applied brain power! Good luck with them, and let me know what you think, or if you think you know the answers, let me know!


We are used to the idea, that it is possible to sit still, and pass time in a motionless manner. But this amazing planet of ours is very far from static. At all times, we are hurtling through the gulfs of space at astonishing velocities.

It may seem to casual thought that from the Sun’s viewpoint, all of Earth’s population is moving at the same speed. After all, our planet revolves around it at a steady 30km per second – anticlockwise, if we are looking from above the North Pole. However, there is another factor to consider. The Earth spins on its axis as it rotates, at a speed of around 28km per minute, if you are at the equator.

You know, of course, that from the surface of the planet, the Sun appears to rise in the east. So, are you moving more swiftly during the day, or at night?

I’ve found the best way to solve some of these puzzles is to imitate them, at least to a certain extent. Obviously you don’t have a planet in your back pocket, but I’m sure you have a few roundish shaped objects laying around you can use.

Let me know in the comments if you figured out the answer, and remember, DON’T SCROLL PAST THIS UNTIL YOU’VE SOLVED IT, OR HAVE GIVEN UP. Spoiler warning below.