Solve it Sunday: Ciphertext

Hello my dear Sherlocks, I have a simple cipher for you to solve today.

If you don’t know what that means, basically the letters in the cipher have been moved around out of order.

Good luck solving it, and as always, the answer is in the comments!

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In this puzzle, the challenge is to decrypt a quotation that has been made obscure by the use of a simple cipher. Are you able to work out what it says?



Solve it Sunday: Barefoot Doctor

Hello dear readers.

Here is yet another puzzle from the book Einstein’s Puzzle Universe, a book full of really fun puzzles that will really make you think.

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It is likely that you have walked around a cold house barefoot at some time or another in your life. If so, you will probably have noticed that under such conditions, carpeted floors feel warmer to walk on than tile.

It should be clear that this is the case even when there is absolutely no difference between the actual temperatures of the various stretches of flooring. So why do we perceive a difference?

As always, answer is in the comments.

Solve it Sunday: Trial by Logic

Hello dear readers, welcome back to another Solve it Sunday.

These types of puzzles are my favourite to do…so I hope you enjoy.

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As always, answer is in the comments.

For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested.

A collection of sales reps find themselves stuck in an airport en route to separate business meetings. From the information below, can you say what goods the company POWER PROJECTS sell?

  • C.A.F are based in either Holland or Portugal, and their rep is traveling to either Frankfurt or Paris.
  • The Power Projects rep is traveling to either Barcelona or Prague.
  • The Belgian company sells either designer equipment or robotics.
  • The film camera company is either TekTrex or 3ird Eye, and is either Portuguese or Belgian.
  • The company that sells protective gear is sending a rep to either Prague or Frankfurt.
  • The rep who is traveling to Glasgow sells either robotics or leatherwear.
  • Karma’s rep is traveling to either Barcelona or Frankfurt, is based in either Portugal or Italy, and sells either protective gear or designer equipment.
  • 3ird Eye’s rep is traveling to Glasgow or Frankfurt, and either sells film cameras or protective gear.
  • There is a company that is based in Denmark.

Use the below table to help solve the puzzle.


I was unable to figure this one out in the end, but I did come close. I only had a few squares mixed up.

Best of luck to you, and let me know in the comments if you solved it!

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Solve it Sunday: Imitation of Reality

Hello dear readers, we are back with another Solve it Sunday post.

I hope everything is going well for you in life. Things may be scary out there, but there is a lot of light at the end of this tunnel.

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Motion pictures are a wonderful entertainment, but we should never forget that they provide an imitation of reality, rather than a reliable model. There are many possible examples of this to choose from, but let us select one of the simpler ones.

It is comparatively common, in movies, to see some unfortunate character fall from a cliff or very high building. This fate is invariably accompanied by a long scream of terror, which gets steadily fainter as the doomed victim plummets away.

What is the error commonly encountered with this sound effect?

Best of luck to solve this one and as always, the answers are in the comments.

Solve it Sunday: Coffee Connundrum

Hello my dear Sherlocks, I have another puzzle for you to keep your minds fresh while you’re stuck at home.

This week is one of those puzzles that require you to fill out the table, and figure out which person has ____.

So really, it’s not a sense of doing math, but it’s a matter of using your process of elimination.

Best of luck, and as always, answers are in the comments.

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Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested in this trial.

Five friends are in a café, discussing their musical tastes. Using the information given below, can you find the name of the espresso drinker?

-Steve is drinking cocoa, but he is not the person who likes rock, who is wearing red.
-The latte drinker is wearing black and does not like pop or classical.
-One person is wearing green.
-Bruce is not drinking cappuccino.
-Megan is not drinking cappuccino either, and she doesn’t like rock.
-Tea is being drunk by the country fan, who is not wearing cream.
-Diana likes electronicica.
-Joan is wearing blue, and does not like country or classical.

To help you solve this riddle, use this table!


Solve it Sunday: Infinite Worlds

Hello my dear Sherlocks, Einsteins, and other puzzle solvers. You’re probably all cooped up and sick of your family at this point, and need something to keep morale up.

Well, I got just the thing for you.

As always, the solution to the riddle is in the comments.

The mathematics of infinity can be startlingly beautiful. It can allso be just plain startling.

Consider the natural numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. They are infinite; any number you can conceive of can be increased. Now consider the even natural numbers – 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. These also obviously extend to infinity.

So if you compare the set of all natural numbers with the set of all even natural numbers, which is larger?

Best of luck to you!!!

Solve It Sunday: Ciphertext


Hello my dear Sherlocks, I have a cipher for you today! A bit different than our normal puzzles, but a tricky one nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy this post, because I had a tough time solving this puzzle. I wasn’t able to do it, unfortunately, so I gave up and looked up the answer.

As always…the answers are in the comments!

In this puzzle, the challenge is to decrypt a quotation that has been made obscure by the use of a simple cypher. Are you able to work out what it says?