Supernatural Season 3 Review

Supernatural Season 3 Review

Sorry this is a day late, but I was late for work yesterday and didn’t get home till almost midnight, but don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on another review.

I’m just gonna be blunt about this season, it is awesome. I think the writer’s strike that was happening at the time and causing there to only be 16 episodes was a stroke of luck. It just seemed so much more compact and there was no extra fluff in the season

There was the right amount of hilarity, seriousness and overall story. We know right form the hop that Dean only has one year to live, before the hell hounds come for him, and we slowly see him go from “I’m going to die in a year I can do whatever I want” to “I don’t wanna die Sammy.”

Bella was a great addition to the season. She is a thief that has a few run ins with the Winchesters, and unfortunately she doesn’t turn herself around in the end, eventually paying her end of her deal with her life.

She added a sort of rival to the brothers, with a bit of sexual tension and humour when she’d outsmart Dean.

We also get one of the most touching moments in the series. There’s a Christmas episode, and Dean wants to have one last Christmas with his brother. Sam doesn’t agree at first because he’s not a fan of Christmas, but eventually the two brothers swap gifts and spend some time watching the game together.

Dean eventually succumbs to the deal he made, but we all know he’s gonna be back right?

I think the “brother” aspect of the show really came out to shine in this season. There was more of the brotherly bickering present, but at the same time the understanding of each other’s every move. At this point they would have spent years together on the road, and we can see it in simple frustrations, and the way they perfectly bounce off each other.

Season 3 is the start of the end of the original proposed show’s run time, and you can tell by its solid storytelling, character development, and lack of cheesy plotholes.

Overall season rankings:
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1


Quote of the Day: Supernatural Season 3

Quote of the Day: Supernatural Season 3

Since I moved into my own place this week and didn’t have WiFi, I didn’t get the chance to review a book this week. Instead you’re stuck with some Supernatural Season 3 Quotes. Hope you enjoy.

Bobby: So, we’re eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast, are we?
Dean: Well, sold my soul. Got a year to live. I ain’t sweatin’ the cholesterol.

Ben: No, don’t go over there. Only bitches send a grown-up.
Dean: You’re not wrong.
Ben: And I’m not a bitch.

Sam: I think it’s Snow White.Dean: Snow White? Ah, I saw that movie. Or, the porn version anyways. There was this wicked Stepmother. [hoots] She was wicked.

Dean: You know what he said. Some good advice.Sam: Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go?

Sam: How do you sleep at night?
Bela: On silk sheets, rolling naked in money.

Dean: Can I shoot her?
Sam: Not in public.

Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
Dean(after thinking hard) Don’t objectify me.

Gordon: Sam Winchester’s the Antichrist.
Bela: Ooh. I’d heard something about that…
Gordon: It’s true.
Bela: …from my good friend, the Easter Bunny. Who’d heard it from the Tooth Fairy. Are you off your meds?

Bela: You make me an offer and I think you’ll find me highly cooperative.Gordon: Okay, how about you tell me where they are, or I kill you right now?

Sam: That vampire’s still out there, Dean.Dean: First things first.Sam: Gordon.Dean: About that, when we find him, or if he finds us.Sam: Yeah?Dean: Well I’m just saying, he’s not leaving us a whole lot of options.Sam: Yeah, I know. We’ve gotta kill him.Dean: Really? Just like that? I thought you would have been like, “No, we can’t, he’s a human, it’s wrong.”Sam: No I’m done. I mean Gordon’s not gonna stop until we’re dead. Or ’til he is.

Dean: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.
Sam: No, Jesus’ birthday was probably in the fall. It was actually the Winter Solstice Festival that was co-opted by the church and renamed Christmas. But I mean the Yule log, the tree, even Santa’s red suit, that’s all remnants of Pagan worship.
Dean: How do you know that? What’re you gonna tell me next? The Easter Bunny’s Jewish?

Henriksen: You know what I’m trying to decide?
Dean: I don’t know. What? Whether Cialis will help you with your little condition?

Dean: I just talked to an 84-year-old grandmother who’s having phone sex with her husband. Who died in Korea.
Sam: Ugh.
Dean: Completely rocked my understanding of the word necrophilia

Rufus: You do her ear?
Dean: Hey man, I’ll try anything once, but I don’t know, that sounds uncomfortable.

Dean: Why don’t we just make a T.J. run. You know, some señoritas, cervezas, uh, we could, what’s Spanish for “donkey show”?
Sam: So if we do save you… let’s never do that.

Dean: If this is my last day on earth, I do not want it to be socially awkward.

Sam: I’m not gonna let you go to Hell, Dean!
Dean: Yes, you are! Yes, you are! I’m sorry! I mean this is all my fault. I know that. But what you’re doing, it’s not gonna save me. It’s only gonna kill you.
Sam: Then what am I supposed to do?
Dean: Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Sam, remember what Dad taught you, okay? And remember what I taught you.

TV Review: Supernatural Season 2

TV Review: Supernatural Season 2

As I write this post, I am actually finishing up the final episode of season 2, and I gotta say, this season is something special. Going off of memory, this is probably one of the better seasons.

I’ll probably throw in a season ranking order at the end of each post, but I might forget to do that in further posts.

What I really enjoy about this season is that it found a good mix of one off episodes of hunting some monster and episodes with a focus on the overall story; Sam and the other “gifted” people and why they were all chosen by the Yellow Eyed Demon.

I think the best seasons find a good balance of the two. It’s nice seeing the one off episodes where we are introduced to different monsters and characters because these episodes usually have a different feel to each of them. Some are funnier, some explore different styles of cinema, and some we get a good connection with Sam and Dean.

The “main” episodes are good too. The earliest seasons all have one goal in mind, and the story leads up to that point. Some of the later seasons miss this overarching story and its noticeable, but the earliest seasons do a good job of balancing the side stories and the main one.

To dive a bit deeper into the main story, there is a mystery that Sam and Dean are trying to solve – why Sam and all these other people have these powers, and what the Yellow Eyed Demon wants from them.

We get to see a few of them over time, but it leads to the ultimate battle at the end of the season…a battle royale between all the kids.

Sam dies in the fight, and is later resurrected by a deal that Dean made with a crossroads demon…which is going to lead to one of my favorite seasons (and a few of my favorite episodes) in season 3.

The Sam and Dean dynamic gets hashed more this season, and to me that’s probably one of the weaker parts of the season. I love their dynamic with each other. I think they bounce off of each other perfectly, and Dean has some hilarious childish moments.

My problem with their dynamic though, is that there is some rifts between their viewpoints this season, and the resolution of these problems doesn’t sit well with me. Sam is struggling with the idea that he might turn into a monster one day like all of the other “children”, while Dean struggles with the fact that he doesn’t really belong among the living any more because he isn’t supposed to be here, his dad is.

The two of them sort of deal with these thoughts, but they sort of just get left alone over time. Now this isn’t the only time things just get forgotten, but it is probably the first.

I guess you could say its the “manly” thing to do…just dealing with the feelings and all, and it makes sense why Sam and Dean have such a hard time mentally and emotionally in further seasons, it just kinda sucks to see it happening.

We end the season with one less main enemy – Dean managed to kill the YED with the Colt, but we are left with a few things.

  1. Not knowing if Sam is purely Sam…he seems a bit more “evil”
  2. All the demons that were released into the world with the opening of the demon gate…someone’s gotta deal with them.
  3. Who’s next. The brothers think they killed the big bad guy, so they don’t really know what to expect next…but boy does it get good.

Well, the end of the episode is coming up, and I have some boxes left to pack before I move out tomorrow. Not sure I’ll be able to finish all of season 3 by next Saturday, but either way you’ll still get your review.

Overall Season Rank:

  1. Season 2
  2. Season 1

Wednesday News: Wheel of Time

Wednesday News: Wheel of Time

Big news for anyone who is a fan of The Wheel of Time series, or is looking for another fantasy show to fill in the Game of Thrones void they’re experiencing.

Wheel of Time TV Series

Rosamund Pike to Lead ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Adaptation at Amazon

Rosamund Pike Joins Amazon’s Wheel of Time Series as Moiraine

Episode Review: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

So we all know we are less than a week away from the biggest battle in cinematic history, but everyone was still waiting on the edge of their seats during this episode because they don’t want to miss a minute of it.

The episode started with Jaime being put in front of Sansa, Daenerys and Jon, and they would decide on his fate.

Daenerys is pretty gung ho about havign his head. I mean Jaime was the one that killed her father, and it was Jaime’s family that helped lead to the death of her brothers and sisters.

If you think about it though, Daenerys’ family was overthrown by a lot of the houses she is now working with, and she seems to have forgiven them. I guess it might come down to the fact that Jon and Sansa are the children, where Jaime and the Lannisters were directly involved.


Anyways, Jaime was put on “trial” and it looked like it wasn’t going well. Sansa was ready to kill him, Daenerys is still ready to kill him, and Jon doesn’t really give a shit.

Jaime says he wants to fight for the living. Despite everying he has done for his family, the threat of the undead army destroying the world is bigger than any threat Cersei might have.

Bran could have said something,  to condemn Jaime, and he does say something.

“The things we do for love” is his sentence, but he doesn’t utter a word about being pushed out of a window, because I think he knows that Jaime is needed for the final battles to come agaisnt the Night King and his sister Cersei.

Jaime hasn’t actually done anything wrong legally, other than pushing Bran. He was pardoned for killing The Mad King, and was at war with the Starks when he attacked Ned. Daenerys is sort of being petty in her strong belief that Jaime needs to die.

It’s actually Brienne who stands up to the plate, and she says how honourable Jaime is and how Sansa owes her life to Jaime’s decisions. This ultimately sways Sansa, and Jon doesn’t seem to care, he just needs bodies to fight the coming threat, so Jaime is let off the hook.

Jaime being let off the hook is the last straw in the Daenerys’ opinions of Tyrion, but this is also the first instance where we see Jin giving her the cold shoulder because of what Sam told him at the end of the last episode.

After the trial is over we see Jaime and Bran talking under the weirdwood tree, and Bran says something interesting. Jaime asks why he didn’t say anything, Bran basically says there was no point because of what needed to be done. Jaime asks if they can speak about it after the coming battle, and Bran says what if there is no after? (sorry for my butchering I deleted my recording of it by accident).

This is making me think that Bran is going to die. I think Bran 100% knows what is going on after this battle, and he is moving pieces into place to get things to happen properly. HIm telling Jaime there might not be an after is either hinting at his own death or the death of Jaime. I don’t think it’ll be Jaime’s death because I think his story line will end with his sister.


We cut over to Gendry being Gendry and making some dragonglass weapons for the battle to come before Arya swoops in and shows how truly bad ass she is. This was a hint at their relationship to come, and it was pretty clear to me when they finally did the horizontal tango later on in the episode.

I think it was about time for them to get together. They were friends since the earlier seasons, and Arya is pretty bad ass, and Gendry is a snack! The two of them together is my favourite couple in the series and I think they might actually end up together at the end of the day. FINGERS CROSSED!

I was a little shocked that we got to see Arya “naked”. I thought it was a bit surprising, and it didn’t really seem to fit in the scene, but at the same time I think it did add to the scene at the end of it all. They’re both young, like eachother, and Arya wants to try it out before she dies.


Jaime and Tyrion get to have a little bit of a funny conversation about the coming battles, and how Tyrion wouldn’t mind coming back from the dead to kill Cersei. With her prophecy saying her younger brother will kill her, and Tyrion saying he wants to kill her, joking or not, I think Jaime will be the one to kill her in the end. Tyrion is too kind of a soul to even kill the sister that he loves.

Jaime sort of ignores Tyrion to go and talk to Brienne who is training soldiers in the yard. They watch over Pod, who has become GOALS, and talk about how far he has come sicne he first set out with Brienne.

They had a nice moment together where Jaime offers his sword to Brienne to fight, and Brienne accepts it willingly. This was one of the nicer moments between the two of them, but the best moment comes a bit later.


Jorah has a meeting with Daenerys, and admits that Tyrion is the better Hand of the Queen. He could pribably have taken the job easily, but I think he realizes he isn’t the best fit, that Tyrion is a smart man who learns from his mistakes to help her.

Danny has a little talk with Sansa moments later, and the sass between the two of them is crazy. Sansa is the smarter of the two, in my opinion, and Daenerys wants to be her friend. Sansa warms up a bit, before stating that she and the North don’t plan on bending the knee when Daenerys takes the throne.

Luckily the two of them are saved by Theon coming home. Theon has gone through a hell of a lot over the last few seasons, but he has finally come back to help the Starks, and Sansa starts to cry. I think she loves him as a brother, and knows she wouldn’t be alive withtout him. It was a very heartbreaking scene but it was great to Sansa break apart for a moment when she saw Theon.


We cut out to the courtyard again and Gilly and Davos are doing a good job at controlling the regular townsfolk and guiding them into the coming events. They are two characters that I think are forgotten about pretty easily, which is unfortunate because Gilly is really living her best life. She has a kid, learning to read, and has just become a strong character that is ready for what is to come.

Davos also gets the scene with the girl who has a scar on her face, and I think it was a nice throwback for him, and for the audience to see how he interacts with the young helpless children in the realm. It adds to his character, and I really appreciate his positivity even though he has lost all of the children he has ever cared about.


Jon sees Edd coming into the yard, and goes to hug him before Tormud tackles him and gives him a big bear hug. LOL. He also asks after Brienne which was a good laugh in a rather dramatic episode.

All of the main characters meet for a war council, where we find out some pretty important information for the battle that is coming.

The Night King is after Bran, because he wants the world to experience an endless night, and killing Bran would be like destroying the memory of the world.

We finally get to fiogure out the intentions of the Night King, which is just about what I expected from him. I think we all knew Bran would be important, but now we have our confirmation.

Davos states is perfectly, and says that death is being forgotten. Death isn’t when you are killed, it’s when nobody remembers you or your stories any more.

Bran, who I assume knows what will happen, says he will wait in the weirwood for the Night King to come. The army of the living realize they don’t really stand a chance against the dead, and they plan to draw out the Night King and kill him, which will hopefully kill all the White Walkers.

Jon says he won’t leave Bran alone in the weirwood, but Theon volunteers to protect him with the Ironborn. It was nice seeing Theon trying to pay for his past mistakes with Bran, and Bran and Jon accepting Theon’s determination in protecting Bran.

As the meeting concludes, Jon gives Daenerys the cold shoulder, AGAIN, and I think the entire audience knew that the confrontation would come. I mean we knew the truth, and I don’t think Jon wants to tell her because he only wants to survive this coming battle, but inevitably tells her in the crypts, to which she replies

“You are the last male heir to the iron throne”

Now note she says last male heir, not the last heir. I think the news really opened up her mind to a lot of different possibilities. She slept with her nephew, she’s in love with him, and she’s not the rightful heir anymore.

I think she’s confused and angry that her life goal has just been criushed, but we don’t get to see it happen because of what comes next.


Before that though, we get to see Sam, Jon, and Edd finally meet up again. The first time since season 5 that they were all together.

It was a bit sad hearing them talk about Grenn and Pyp. They were best friends over the years of being Sworn Brothers, and I appreciate the callback they had. They would have been a big help in the coming battle, but basically the last of the three Night’s Watch will defend the realms of men like they swore to do years ago.


I’m going to skip over my favourite scene for a minute, and mention the Hound briefly. The battle against the undead is literally his worst nightmare. There will be fire everywhere. Literally burning bodies  everywhere he looks. I’m not sure he has overcome that fear, and I am interested to see how he handles it all when it comes. I think he will fight through it and do what needs to be done, but being Game of Thrones we can never be too sure. Maybe he will wield a flaming sword and kill a few White Walkers or something.


Now my favourite scene of the episode. Tormud, Brienne, Jaime, Tyrion, Davos,  and Pod sit around the fire, looking to keep warm for the night. They laugh, get drunk, share some stories, and overall it is a lovely scene. There are two moments that really drive this scene home for me.

The first is Pod singing. He has a surprisingly nice voice, and a montage of scenes play overtop of it. He sings a song that has a pretty interesting tie in to the story if you know the truth to it all, but I won’t get into that here.

The scene that almost brought me to tearswas Brienne being knighted. It had been a dream of hers for years, and when Jaime finally knighted her she was happier than any other character had been in the show. Despite White Walkers, the Night King, imminent death, and a creepy ginger man a few feet away from her, she managed a smile so big that it put that scene into my Top 5 favourite scenes of the series for sure. It was so nice seeing someone experience true happiness, and honestly I’m not even doing it justice. You need to see it for yourself to see how beautiufl it really is.


The episode ends with the army of the dead within eyeshot of Winterfell, and boy oh boy is this battle going to be amazing!!!!!


What do you guys think will happen with the rest of the season? Will your character live or die? Let me know in the comments.

Episode Review: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Before I begin I am putting a spoiler warning into effect. If you haven’t seen the newest episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 then I suggest you stop reading now and go watch it. You have been warned.

So last night was the season premiere of Season 8 for Game of Thrones and a lot happened.

I’m not going to analyze it 100%, picking out every inch of what happened. There are plenty of videos and posts about that.

What I’m looking to do is give a summary of events, and just fill in any questions that you might have. The post shouldn’t be too long, but hopefully it’ll help you understand things a bit better and give some thoughts and theories as to what I think is going to happen.

First off, we start the season with Jon, Daenerys, and their huge ass armies marching into Winterfell. This is very reminiscent of the start of Season 1, when Robert and his armies marched into Winterfell.

This was the first of many call backs to earlier seasons, and it was nice to see them. It makes the story sort of cyclical which is nice.

Having a chance to see the sheer number of Unsullied sort of made me wonder if it were possible for the Night King to stand a chance. I mean you give the greatest army in the world some dragonglass weapons, they should be fine right?

I don’t think it will be that simple. I’m not sure how yet, but I think that we will see the Night King pull out some trump cards like mammoths or polar bears that’ll even out his odds.

As Jon and Daenerys enter Winterfell, we get to see him seeing Bran again, but we also get to see Danny and Sansa meet for the first time, and boy oh boy are the sparks real!

You could cut the tension between the two with a knife. I love it. It’s pretty clear that Sansa is not a big fan of Danny. She hates her because Jon bent the knee, and now that she’s smarter and better than Littlefinger was, she trusts nobody but herself and maybe her family members.

I think that Danny wants to like Sansa, but Sansa doesn’t want to give her the time of day. Will this lead to some issues for the armies of the living down the road? Or will it be resolved somehow, maybe with Sansa saving Danny or vice versa?


Next we got Jon and Arya’s reunion, and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t even think about how this was going to go, but I am not disappointed. Jon still sees her as a little girl who wants to be a knight, to an extent, but also knows that she has seen some shit and been put through the ringer. It’s the ultimate big bro moment for him and Arya, and I love the two of them comparing swords.

“Have you had to use it?”

“Once or twice”

Like Arya, you could probably kick his ass while looking like anyone you want. I’m glad the two of them had their reunion though, because I don’t think we will get to see the two of them together too much until closer to the end of the season, if at all. Their stories don’t really overlap that much with what’s left to do. I mean Jon has a few loose ends he needs to tie up, and Arya doesn’t really have a set path yet, but I would like to see the two of them fight a few guys together.


Let’s head south for a bit and talk about Theon and Yara. I had kind of forgot that Theon went to save his sister, and was a little disappointed with his rescue mission. I mean I’m happy Theon saved her, and I loved that they didn’t say a word to each other as Yara head butted him and then they left.

Yara decided she was going to go to the Iron Islands to take it back since her uncle left, and she brings up a good point. They need a place to go if the Night King wins. Somewhere where he can’t reach.

I think it’s a good idea, but I don’t think it’ll work. I think the Night King is strong enough that he would either freeze the waters and walk over it, or pull a Pirate’s of the Carribean and have his zombies walk on the ocean floor. Either way I think it’ll turn into Yara coming to her senses and marching her troops over to help, maybe at the last minute to help save the day, but who knows.

I am glad Theon decided he wanted to help the Starks out. I think he beats himself up and blames himself for what happened to them, and he wants to pay them back. I don’t think he’s to blame for too much. He was young, naïve, and I don’t think he felt like he had a place in the world, so he tried to carve his own path, which didn’t work out the way he intended it to.


The Golden Company came in to play in this episode, though I am extremely disappointed we didn’t get to see any elephants. Damn dragons taking up too much of the budget. How terrifying would an ice elephant be, though we’ve had a mammoth so I guess maybe not as cool as that.

They didn’t do much in this episode, but they are obviously an important part of the season if they were introduced this heavily, it’s just a matter of what their role will be. I have a hunch they might betray Cersei and follow Melisandre, but we haven’t seen any hint of that yet. They might just be the army we get to see fight against the North and their allies once they have dealt with the Night King. The Golden Company is probably the one “character” I don’t have a good prediction for because I think they are just too new right now.

Cersei hired the Golden Company, and that was basically it for her role this episode. She had a little bit of horizontal tango time with Euron, who really wants to give her a baby, but other than that, she didn’t do a hell of a lot, but she is somehow still fucking evil and I love it. I hate Cersei so much, but you can’t deny that she is a terrific character.

Back to the horizontal tango. This is a lot more of a comparison to the Cersei in the books. Book Cersei sleeps with a lot of different men for different reasons, because she believes that is her only weapon. We haven’t seen a lot of it in the show, but it was a nice reference to her book self that worked wonderfully solidifying the alliance with Euron and his ships.

peaking of gold though, the magnificent Bronn makes his appearance, and with three naked prostitutes to boot. I’m not surprised, if anything I’m surprised he doesn’t have more.

What’s interesting to me is that he was given a job of sorts from Qyburn. He tells Bronn that should either of the two Lannister brothers survive the exploits in the north, that Bronn needs to kill them, and if he does he will get chests upon chests of gold and a lordship. Bronn can get everything he has always wanted.

This is interesting for two reasons.

  1. This clearly shows that Cersei is over Jaime. She’s given up on him and labelled him as a traitor, which is a huge milestone for their relationship. I’m not sure if she is just mad at him, or she genuinely hates him now, but it is clear she is okay with Jaime being killed.
  2. This offers Bronn an interesting decision. Does he kill his arguably two best friends. Two men who have made him rich and powerful, or does he let them live and choose not to kill them. It seems to me like he’s going to choose not to kill them, but thinking this is making me wonder if maybe he does. Maybe he chooses to shoot one of them. It seems like the obvious choice is to save his friends, so what if he killed them? It seem’s like it’s exactly what’s not going to happen, that it just might happen.

Jon is probably a lot of people’s favourite character, and in this episode he embraced that title, because he basically took his role and Danny’s role and put them into one. Danny didn’t do a lot on her own, she was very much a support character.

She did kiss Jon though and I am convinced that Drogon can tell they are related.

Tyrion, Varys, and Davos think Jon and Danny make a good couple, and they should join the houses once the war is over, but the audience knows why that idea is a big no no.

Jon takes his first ride on Rhaegal, and he is absolutely terrified of the entire experience. I think he would rather fight the Night King before doing that again, but I think we will see him on Rhaegal’s back again before the season is over.

Now obviously Jon is going to have an important role to play in the coming war, because he is the one that understands what is coming. He has seen the army of the dead multiple times, and he knows how terrifying it is and he is just doing his best to make sure the living continue to survive.

Now we all knew that Jon was the true heir to the Iron Throne, being Prince Aegon VI Targaryen, but Jon finally finds out from Sam, and is rattled. He doesn’t really know what to say or how to react. At first he is a little angry at Sam because he believed the most honourable man he knew, his dad, would never keep a secret like this, but Sam points out it was an honourable thing to do, because he was looked down upon by everyone who thought Jon was his bastard, but the whole time Ned knew the truth of Jon.

It was a bit heartbreaking, but I don’t think we will get to discover the after effects of this knowledge for at least a few episodes because the battle of Winterfell is coming and that is much more important than any personal problems people bring up. Sansa does bring up a good point though. Did Jon bend the knee because he wanted to save the North, or because he loved Danny?

Also, on a side note, it was really sad seeing Sam find out about his family members being dead from Daenerys.

Arya, who has become one of my favourite characters throughout the show, meets up with The Hound and Gendry again, and I love how proud The Hound is of how she turned out. I think he sees a little bit of himself in Arya, and it’s really funny because he’s this hard cold type of person.

I am curious as to what she wanted Gendry to make for her though. I didn’t get a good look if it, but it seems to be some sort of launcher? We will see what Gendry can make of it, though I’m sure he won’t have a problem making it for her.

Jaime also makes it to Winterfell, and I’m glad he did because I think he’s going to have an important role to play when it comes to the defences against the army of the dead.

What I’m curious to see is how he is with Danny and Bran. They are two people who Jaime really screwed over in some way, so I’m interested to see how those issues are resolved, though Bran seems to be okay with what has happened since he was pushed from the window and became a cripple.

Now comes the part I am most excited about. Tormud and Beric. They survived the attack on the wall, which I am thrilled about, but when they discovered the Umber Castle had been attacked, and Lord Umber pinned to the wall with the White Walker symbol around him.

This made me wonder a few things. Could the white walkers be running from something worse? Could there be something on the other side of the wall that’s worse than the white walkers, and it’s causing them to flee south?

The reason I think this is because their symbol has eight arms, and if you consider the white walkers as their own kingdom, that would make a total of eight kingdoms.

Now there may not be a different big baddies that they all need to team up against, but it was an idea I had come to mind.

I think that the Night King’s purpose is to destroy all magic. Since he was made from magic, maybe magic is the only thing that can stop him.

Now that Westeros is filled with different magical users, the white walkers and the Night King are on a warpath to destroy it all before it destroys them.

What do you think will happen this season? Who’s your favourite character, and do you think they’ll make it to the end or not? Let me know in the comments. 

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