How Well Do I Know My Books with Kat @ Kbookreviews

Hello dear readers, I hope you are doing well.

This week I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kat @ Kbookreviews. She agreed to collab with me this week, and I cam up with a bit of a fun challenge for her.

I looked through all of Kat’s book reviews that she posted on her site, and came up with 10 questions for her to solve.

Each question had a one sentence (very broad) description of one of her books, and Kat had to guess what they were.

Before we get to the answers down below, make sure to check out Kat’s guesses.

Let’s see how she did, shall we?

Clue #1: A criminal lies their way into killing an old man.

Kat’s Guess: Mistborn: The Final Empire
Answer: Mistborn: The final Empire!

I thought I might stump Kat with this one, but she caught on to the “old man” trick that I tried to trick her with. She’s too smart for me. 1 / 1

Clue #2: Doomed for death, a man uses love to change his destiny.

Kat’s Guess: The Rage of Dragons/ Starless Sea
Answer: The Rage of Dragons

Though she gave two guesses for this one, her first guess was correct, so I’ll give it to her. I really didn’t think my clues were this easy. Good job Kat. 2 / 2


Clue #3: When danger is your middle name, crime is definitely your game.

Kat’s Guess: The Lies of Locke Lamora
Answer: The Lies of Locke Lamora

This was a hard one for me to make, so I wasn’t surprised Kat knew this one. She probably got it right off the hop. 3 / 3 so far!

Clue #4:Does feeding the hungry make up for marking them for death? 

Kat’s Guess: Couldn’t think of one specific answer.
Answer: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

I’d never heard of this book before, but it sounds really good. I was hoping this one would stump her! 3 / 4

Clue #5: An innocent boy might not be as innocent as he seems. 

Kat’s Guess: The Devil’s Apprentice
Answer: The Devil’s Apprentice

Clearly I underestimated Kat too much. She knows her books way better than I would. 4 / 5


Clue #6: A man visits his family home, and quickly wants to restore his hometown back to its glory. 

Kat’s Guess: Salem’s Lot
Answer: Salem’s Lot

I definitely thought Kat would get this one wrong! I thought I would trick her with the returning to his childhood home. Would have thought it would make Kat think of more of a happy book or even a romance.
5 / 6

Clue #7: A gun for hire has one eye on the next job, and the other on the attractive partner in crime. 

Kat’s Guess: The Unspoken Name
Answer: House of Ash and Brimstone

OOOH Sorry Kat! Gotcha. I thought this might be a tricky one, because it looked like this might apply to a couple books. I stumped you again! 5 / 7

Clue #8: Finally back from traveling, a new home and a pregnant sister might bring a woman to her limits. 

Kat’s Guess: The Lost Ones
Answer: The Lost Ones

I knew the pregnant sister would give it away. I was hoping there would be another pregnant sister book to stump her. Oh well. Good job Kat! 6 / 8


Clue #9: A family’s name means they inherit the danger that comes with it. 

Kat’s Guess: A Throne of Swans
Answer: The Sisters Grimm

I think you had this one in mind Kat, but I got you! This was a bit of a tricky one though, so that’s okay. You’re still winning.
7 / 9

Clue #10: Traveling overseas, a woman needs to embrace her true self to survive and make it home.

Kat’s Guess: The Wolf of Oren-Yaro
Answer: The Wolf of Oren-Yaro

I knew you’d get this one, and I will admit this is one of the few books in this collaboration that I have added to my TBR pile! 7 / 10

That’s it, that’s all! Congratulations Kat, you knew seven out of the 10 books, which is really good! I didn’t make this easy for you, but you did great.

Thank you again for the collaboration, this was a LOT of fun, and I hope next time I can trick you enough to make you get less than five!

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t checked out Kat’s page yet, please do! She has been a great inspiration for me and my blog, and if you don’t check her out I will be disappointed with you!

Solve it Sunday: Sunlight

Hello my dearest puzzle solvers. Solve it Sunday is a weekly riddle or puzzle I give to you guys to solve. Each of the puzzles were created by Einstein himself, but with a bit of logic regular people can solve them too.

Today’s puzzle only requires you to think a little bit and read carefully. As always, best of luck to you, and the answers are in the comments!

Although we are 93 million miles from the sun, light travels so swiftly that it takes just eight minutes for its light to reach our Earth. To give you an idea about the vastness of our solar system, it takes sunlight 43 minutes to reach Jupiter, one up to nearly seven hours to get out to poor Pluto. But for now, return your thoughts to this planet.

For the sake of argument, let us pretend that where you are right now, sunrise tomorrow will occur at exactly 6 a.m. However, some unknowable force interferes overnight, so that the light of the sun reaches the East almost instantly. Perhaps a wondrous portal opens that effectively cuts the travel distance of the light down to under a second. The precise mechanism does not matter. What is important is that the light's journey is shortened from eight minutes to fractions of a second, without any ill effect to us.

What time would you then expect to see tomorrow's dawn?

Solve it Sunday: Classic Riddles

Hello dear Sherlocks, I hope you’ve warmed up your brains because I have quite a few riddles for you today.

You may have heard of some of them, and you might not have, but I believe that you’ll be able to solve some of them.

If you want to find the answers, just click here.

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Solve it Sunday: A Bit of Polish

Hello dear readers, I hope you put on your puzzle solving hats, because I am back for another Solve it Sunday!

This one might be tricky for those who don’t live with snow in the winter, but you might know the answer anyways.

Here is the riddle, and as always, the solution is in the comments:

You will most likely have noticed that polished floors are considerably more slippery than rough (or fluffy) ones. So should it not follow that smooth ice is more slippery than bumpy ice? If you ever have occasion to pull a sledge, however, you will discover that it moves more easily over uneven ice than over smooth ice. You may also have observed that roughened ice is trickier to walk on than glossy ice.

Why do you think that is?

Solve it Sunday: Scientific Logic

For this trial, no knowledge of the world’s workings is needed. Your ability to think logically is the only thing being tested.

Five scientists from different Ivy League universities were engaged in a cutting-edge space programme. From the information provided, can you say which town the Irish scientist lived in?

  • The scientist in New Haven studied astrophysics, and she was not the American, who was called Emily.
  • The British scientist lived in Cambridge and was neither Marianne nor Sophia.
  • The physics was not named Jennifer or Alice.
  • Providence was not home to the Canadian scientist.
  • Alice, an Australian, was not studying astrophysics.
  • Marianne studied biochemistry, and was not Irish.
  • One of the scientists was studying nanotechnology.
  • One of the scientists lived in New York.

The below table will help you solve this riddle.


Scary Movie Weekly Update

So as I previously mentioned, I decided to watch a scary movie every day for the month of October. Without going too deep into the psychological effects I am already noticing from doing this, it has been a good experience.

I don’t watch a lot of scary movies, but the handful that I have watched this week have been good.

I won’t be giving a 500+ word review on each movie. I’ll give a brief summary of the movie and then a 5-star rating as a scary movie and then a quick thought that I had.

October 1: Overlord


On the eve of D-Day, American paratroopers drop behind enemy lines and soon begin to realize that there’s more going on in the Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. 

Overlord wasn’t a bad movie. If I was rating it as a movie overall I’d give it a 3.5. It’s an alternative history type war movie, and those always are welcomed in my mind, but it’s not a very scary movie. More so just thriller and monsters.

October 2: Hellfest


On Halloween night, three young women and their respective boyfriends head to Hell Fest — a ghoulish traveling carnival that features a labyrinth of rides, games and mazes. They soon face a bloody night of terror when a masked serial killer turns the horror theme park into his own personal playground.

Though this wasn’t the scariest movie I have ever seen, what I really enjoyed about it is that one of the main characters actually uses her brain and thinks about how they can stop the killer, instead of just making bad call after bad call.

October 3: CAM


A camgirl has her principles, until a mysterious woman who looks just like her takes over her channel.

Honestly, not a great scary movie at all, and only marginally better as a movie in general. I don’t really understand how this came up as a google search for scary movies, but I’m sure someone knows why. It’s a movie about a distant perspective, and theres a bit of thrill to it but overall not great and not scary.

October 4: 23:59


An Army recruit is found dead one minute before midnight on an island military training camp. The gruesome incident reveals a terrifying secret, and his fellow soldiers have to confront their deepest fears.

I was a bit worried about this movie at first because I heard great things about Asian Horror movies, but I was woefully underwhelmed . There was too much buildup for what the scary ghost was, and when it finally appeared I didn’t find it to be that scary. I think the idea was good, but the storytelling just wasn’t there.

October 5: The Blair Witch Project


Found video footage tells the tale of three film students who’ve traveled to a small town to collect documentary footage about the Blair Witch, a legendary local murderer. Over the course of several days, the students interview townspeople and gather clues to support the tale’s veracity. But the project takes a frightening turn when the students lose their way in the woods and begin hearing horrific noises.

I’m a sucker for a good found footage movie, and The Blair Witch Project does a good job. The older quality cameras and the slow buildup of the horror really did it for me. I’ve heard it’s not the scariest movie out there, but I turned a light on in my apartment mid-way through watching this.

Solve it Sunday: In A Spin

Hello everyone! I’m back with another post for Solve it Sunday after missing last week.

I hope you enjoy this one. It was a lot of fun talking through it with some friends, seeing if we could find an answer.

Thanks to the work of Copernicus, Galileo, and may others, we know that the day happens because the world rotates on its axis, while the sun remains (apparently) still. But it is not always wise to blindly believe what you are told.

It would be reasonably straightforward to conduct an experiment that would prove that the Earth is revolving on its axis. You wouldn’t even need to leave the Earth’s surface.

Can you think of one?