Channel Update

Alright so I originally started this blog as a school assignment but I really started to like it and spent some free time during the term figuring out whether or not I should take the blog full time, and how I would be able to do that.

Well good news is I figured out how I can do both of those. I’ve got new ideas for the blog and plan on updating it every day, but I’m not guarenteeing anything with school going on.

So here is the updated schedule of what the posts will look like:

Monday: Book Review

Tuesday: Type it Out Tuesdays (post different writing prompts for people     interested in writing themselves)

Wednesday: Book related news (books being adapted to movies/tv shows, new books coming out, etc.)

Thursday: Thursday Thoughts (different thoughts I have on book related things ex. My Top 10s, Book related life stories, seasonal book topics, writing challenges etc.)

Friday: Quote of the Day (from the book I reviewed that week)

Saturday/Sunday: Taking a break to relax

I also have some channel updates coming out too. I want to update the books I’ve read/want to read  and throw in alphabetical shortcuts so it’s easier to find the author.

I’m also gonna make a Facebook group book club so theres an easier platform for more people to chat about a book. The book club will be one book a month to start instead of every week.

I’m also going to update some pictures and minor pages on the blog itself.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this update.

Jungle Man

Growing up watching Disney movies I never really thought about where the real stories came from. Being a kid I just assumed they were made up stories for the movies.

As I got older I learned that almost all of the Disney movies came from actual stories, which had much more gruesome endings.

Tarzan basically suffers a similarly miserable fate. He was abandoned in the jungle, escapes with Jane, gets forced back by his enemies, escapes once again, goes back willingly to save his son, leaves and becomes a Lord with lots of money, goes back once more after his son disappeared for years.

Oh, also his son gets stolen from him as a baby, Jane gets kidnapped a few times, he almost gets sacrificed to a god, and the man he refuses to kill keeps trying to kill him.

Sounds pretty Disney right?

That’s just the 5 books that I’ve read of Tarzan’s adventures. Edgar Rice Burroughs published 24 books about Tarzan and his adventures, and a few others were authorized by his estate after his death.

Is it worth the read?

Of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it. Might be tough to read all 24 back to back though I’ve only read the first 5 myself.

They’re great books with an interesting look into man’s more primitive inner-self. They’ve got some action in them, and probably won’t take too long to read one.

Might interest you to see one the true story of one of the oldest movie characters out there too. (Look it up, movies about him have been made for over 100 years.)

Plus the books offer a decent account of the time period, and give an interesting look at what life was like, as well as different groups of people/animals that we don’t get a lot of in literature.

I couldn’t think of any talking points for this one, so I’ll keep it simple for this week. What are you guys reading? Let me know in the comments. Also if you ever manage to figure out what next week’s book is going to be based off of my clues, feel free to try your luck in the comments section too.

Next week’s book is a throwback to my childhood again. The only hint: Words Coming to Life.




Guys, if this line doesn’t make your girl swoon then you may want to rethink things.


“I am Tarzan of the Apes. I want you. I am yours. You are mine. We live here together always in my house. I will bring you the best of fruits, the tenderest deer, the finest meats that roam the jungle. I will hunt for you. I am the greatest of the jungle fighters. I will fight for you. I am the mightiest of the jungle fighters.”
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes