Books That Blew My Mind (No, Not Literally)

Hello ladies and gentlefolk, welcome to yet another Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by the one and only, Bionic Book Worm. This week’s topic is five books that exceeded my expectations.

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Fault in Our Stars

Like I mentioned in the review, The Fault in our Stars really blew me away on how it hit my soul. I did not expect it to connect with me or make me feel the way it did.

Bullets, Teeth & Fists 3

I had never really opened a gory book, or at least one that was gory for the sake of gore, but when I opened up BT&F, I was blown away that I didn’t hate it. I enjoyed reading it, and didn’t find it out of place at all. It has definitely made me want to read the first two.

Wheel of Time

Before WoT, the longest fantasy series I had ever read was probably Harry Potter, and that was nowhere near as intense. WoT opened my eyes to what a fantasy world could really be, and I’d probably say it opened the gateway to my true love of fantasy books.

Stormlight Archive

There have been three books released in this series so far, and all three have literally made me cheer out loud in public places. They are truly brilliant pieces of literature, and I am checking at least once a week on when the next one will come out.

Devil in the White City

To be honest this book is probably the one that blew my mind the most. I wasn’t cheering or jumping up and down in excitement, but I was definitely hooked. I didn’t think I’d be more interested in the story of an architect more than the story of a serial killer.

What are some books that blew your mind, you know there’s at least a few!
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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Hello my lovely lovebirds, welcome to a special Valentine’s Day themed book review.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and since we all need a little love in our lives, I thought I’d review one of the few romance books I have ever read.

Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Author: John Green
Rating: 3.5 / 5

I read this book as a suggestion from a friend, and the only thing they really told me, other than it was good, was that I would cry.

I’m not an emotional reader, so I didn’t think I would cry at all when I first started the book, buy did I ever lose that bet to myself.

I don’t think the book was particularly well written, and the plot wasn’t overly complicated, but it did strike me in the feelings.

The plot is straightforward. We follow a couple of teenagers that have various life-threatening illnesses as the lose loved ones, fall in love, and struggle with their painful realities.

Again, not an overly hard plot, but for some reason it really hit home with me.

I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it is loosely based off a real story. Having that knowledge that someone went through these things (I repeat loosely based) made it that much more emotional to me.

Maybe that’s the point of romance books. They’re not supposed to be difficult to follow, but instead they connect with you on a personal level.

I’m no expert, but maybe I am on to something (he says with a heavy dose of sarcasm).

I never expected myself to cry, but I started feeling for the characters, and I think that is what was my downfall. I fell prey to Green’s every word, until they attached themselves to my very soul, before being ripped out.

I think Green did the best job of any author I can think of in that aspect. Plenty of authors that I read do a good job of putting you in a story, right beside the characters, but I can’t think of any that made me feel quite so emotionally connected with the characters.

Thinking back on my time reading the book, I don’t know why I gave up on romance novels.

I never read a lot of them, but the limited few that I have read have left a positive impact on me. I think I might make that a self goal in the next year, to read a handful more, but I don’t mind sticking with fantasy for now.

Have you read The Fault In Our Stars, or do you have any suggestions of other romance books I might enjoy? Let me know in the comments or on social media.
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